SERC Uplifting Local Economy

ADRA Nepal is committed to provide standard humanitarian aid to vulnerable people.

Under Socio-Economic Recovery of COVID -19 Affected Families (SERC) project, ADRA Nepal with its implementing partner BWSN is implementing Cash For Work (CFW) activities across 3 municipalities of Sarlahi District i.e Malangawa ,Barathawa & Haripur Municipality supporting 375 beneficiaries funded by Swiss Solidarity & ADRA Switzerland.

The purpose of this CFW program is to provide income support to the vulnerable community through financial assistance so they can meet their essential needs.  Most of the recipients are from those who were highly affected due to the recent lockdowns and were laid-off from their jobs because of the Covid-19 Second Wave Pandemic.

Furthermore, six project activities under CFW  where  three rehabilitation of irrigation canals, one construction of collection center, one rehabilitation of community pond and one maintenance of drainage are going on.