Women's Health and Immunization Support for Health


The Women’s Health and Immunization Support for Health Project is supported by Australian Aid and ADRA International. We are reaching women through health camps to provide them with reproductive health services focused on the screening, treatment, and follow up care for pelvic organ prolapse and cervical cancer. The health camp model helps us reach women in extremely poor communities or those who face discrimination. They often cannot attend government services or do not realize they can seek help for their symptoms. Currently, 8 camps are planned with the target to reach 4000 beneficiaries. The project will also raise awareness of women’s health issues and their prevention in the target communities by developing school health champions. 

In addition to reproductive health, we are supporting the government’s COVID-19 vaccination uptake. The innovative approach of the Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Service (MoCoVs), which provides a door-to-door COVID-19 vaccination service, makes the vaccination accessible to vulnerable people such as people, including pregnant and lactating women, disabled individuals, and the elderly by eliminating the access barrier such as transportation and health issues.


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