Health Reform Project


The Health Reform Project is a transformative initiative addressing urgent challenges of child malnutrition and limited access to clean drinking water and sanitation in Bardiya. Executed by ADRA and generously supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, this project is committed to comprehensive enhancements through strategic interventions and community sensitization. The project targets various beneficiaries, including children under 5, Mothers of U5 Children, Pregnant Women, Health Care Providers, FCHVs, and Residents of the Water Supply System Initiative.

Empowering Local Governments:

A core focus is on empowering local governments and augmenting their capacity to effectively plan and implement WASH and nutrition programs. This pivotal step is instrumental in creating sustainable improvements.

Community Awareness and Action:

Collaborating with the Family Welfare Division, the project creates impactful IEC materials, including the Bal Swasthya Manzari Magazine. Commemorating WASH and health campaigns, particularly in marginalized groups like the Tharu community, the initiative relies on community leaders, such as health mother’s groups, to champion WASH improvements.

Enhanced Nutrition Services:

The project is committed to comprehensive improvements in nutrition services. It includes substantial strengthening of healthcare facilities and providing maternal and child nutrition interventions. The project will equip community health workers with skills for effective nutrition counseling and support, ensuring a holistic approach to healthcare. Concurrently, infrastructural upgrades and equipment support to Nutrition Care Centers (NCCs) and Outreach Clinics complement the Nutrition-Friendly Health Facility Initiative.

Safe Water for All:

The primary objective is to ensure access to drinking water that meets WHO standards. This is achieved through infrastructural upgrades and effective management systems, including the installation of the Yamaha Clean Water Supply System (YCWSS) and water tanks in target communities. Building and maintaining water purification systems and overhead tanks guarantee sustainable operations.



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