Embryo Transfer Training

The Enhanced Rural AI (TERAI) for smallholder Dairy Farmers in Nepal Project organized a 5-day embryo transfer training for Nepal government officers involved in breed improvement. An inauguration ceremony was organized, and during this time, ADRA handed over 50 Jersey cattle embryos to the chief guest, Dr. Rewati Raman Poudel, Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. As part of the TERAI project, ADRA, in association with the Royal Jersey Agriculture and Horticulture Society, imported 50 Jersey cattle embryos from the UK, which will be transferred to the government farms and PPRS farms in Chitwan, Jiri, and Pokhara. These embryos will support the government’s efforts to improve cow breeds to increase future milk production.

Attendees and special guests at the inauguration included Dr. Surya Prasad Poudel, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Dr. Dhoj Raj Khanal, Director of Livestock and Fisheries Research of Nepal Agriculture Research Council l, Dr. Umesh Dahal, Director General of the Department of Livestock Services, Dr. Jagdish Pandey, Chief of National Livestock Breeding Office, Pokhara, Dr. Dipesh Chetri, Academic Dean of Veterinary Science and Fisheries Department at the Agriculture & Forestry University, and Devi Adhikari, Coordinator of the National Cattle Research Program. There was also participation from the Chief of the National Livestock Breeding Office, Lahan, Chief of National Livestock Breeding Office, Nepalgunj, and Scientists of the National Cattle Research Program, Rampur.