Clean Drinking Water in Dhakela

Clean water is something that many people take for granted.  In Dhakela, a small community in Barbardiya Municipality, people have been struggling with reliable access to clean water for a long time. Previous sources, handpumps and a river pipeline, were contaminated and are no longer suitable for consumption. Without access to clean water people face many health problems and are unable to thrive.  Since the inception of ADRA’s Health Reform Project last year, Yamaha have built their first Yamaha Pure Water Supply System in Asia.  The system takes local river water and filters and purifies it making it drinkable. YCWSS has the capacity to filter and produce 8000 litres of purified water per day, and it operates with automatic filtration mechanisms. All the logistics – sand, gravel, filter media and equipment were imported from Indonesia and Japan. 

ADRA Japan and Yamaha visited Dhakela, along with ADRA Nepal and implementing partners ENRUDEC to inaugurate the Yamaha Clean Water Supply System.  Local workers have received training in the care and maintenance of the system to ensure its ongoing provision. 

Currently, 235 households will benefit from the supply of purified water through 5 water faucets installed in the communities. In the future they plan to distribute water to surrounding communities. 

The Health Reform Project is a 3-year project focusing on improving the health outcomes and sanitation practices of communities in Bardiya District through the provision of improved nutrition monitoring systems, dedicated facilities, community engagement and the provision of clean water. It is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, Yamaha Japan, ADRA Japan, and implemented by ADRA Nepal in partnership with ENRUDEC Banke.