ADRA Korea Visit Sponsored Children

ADRA Korea guests visited three schools where they support students through our United for Educations student sponsorship scheme.  They were warmly welcomed and introduced to the students who had specially attended during this vacation time. The ADRA Korea director encouraged them in their studies and ADRA Nepal Country Director inspired them to pursue their dreams.  Along with meeting the students and visiting the schools, they visited the home of Mallika, a student ADRA Korea support to attend school. She is currently studying in Grade 10 and has been supported by ADRA since 2017. Their home, built of mud and stone was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015 and a new house with two rooms was built. Mallika’s mother, Minu, now the primary financial provider, supports Malika and her 13-year brother who lost his vision during the earthquake in 2015. He had eye surgery two years ago and he is still under regular medication. Minu doesn’t have a regular income but supports the family by working as a seasonal laborer when she can find work. They lease some land to grow vegetables for their own consumption.  They are pleased Mallika can receive the support to attend school. She is a dedicated student and talented dancer. During the school visit she performed a dance for the visiting group and shared her hopes of becoming a social worker. 

Thank you to ADRA Korea who are supporting 63 students this year. The support provides students with uniforms and school supplies which eases the financial pressure on their families and encourages them to remain in school.