43th Social Service Day was marked at Rolpa and Pyuthan

As per the formal call of the Social Welfare Council (SWC), 43th Social Service Day was marked at Rolpa and Pyuthan on 22 September 2022 with handed over the agriculture materials and goats for contributing to starting up and upgrading their agriculture and livestock-based enterprises. The events were organized jointly in coordination with Swargadwari municipality and Mandavi rural municipality of Pyuthan and Runtigadhi and Sunil smriti rural municipality of Rolpa and ward offices. The support materials were handed over to the farmers by the elected representatives (chairperson, deputy mayor, chief executive officer, and ward chairperson).

The GOAL-II and PERCAV project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and ADRA Australia which implementing by ADRA Nepal in partnership with local district partners namely FIRDO Nepal Pyuthan and RUDAS Nepal Rolpa with aiming to empower women and increase the income of poor and vulnerable peoples through resilient and livelihood options and business development services.