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ADRA Nepal also works for empowerment and development of adolescents through reproductive health, education and DRR related interventions.

ADRA Nepal obliged of child protection policy and promotes interventions focused on development of children. Children are priority target population for ADRA Nepal’s scope of work particularly for education and disaster risk management thematic areas.

The Disadvantaged Groups communities (both socially and economically) are target groups for most of the ADRA Nepal’s interventions. ADRA Nepal plans and executes programs and interventions targeted to women, poor and socially excluded communities to uplift their livelihoods, health and economic status.

ADRA Nepal also targets the communities, people or households affected by disasters and support to overcome the shock through its various disaster risk preparedness and mitigation inputs and supports.

ADRA Nepal works to uplift the livelihoods and economic status of smallholder farmers through interventions on agriculture, skills/capacity development and income generation activities/entrepreneurship. The smallholder farmers are small plot producer, farmers with land holding size less than 0.5 hectare and economically poor.

ADRA Nepal works with women for their empowerment through several interventions related to agriculture/livelihood, health, education, disaster management and economic development. ADRA Nepal works with women irrespective of caste/ethnicity, religion/culture, topography and race.