My husband works as a labour and doesn’t earn much. I got married at the age of 15 because my parents were poor and couldn’t afford my education.

I was very young and didn’t know anything about reproductive health. My husband was a drunkard and he used to come home late and force me to have a physical relationship. I didn’t have a say about this.

We now have four children, two daughters (12yrs & 8yrs) and two sons (5yrs & 3yrs). Because of our weak economic condition, we can’t afford to send our children to school. They spend the entire day eitherhelping me with the household chores or in the field. I don’t want any more children now. Since I have two sons, my in-laws and husband have encouraged me to use contraceptive measures for family planning. When the Female Community Health Volunteer explained to us about the Implant and IUCD during the community orientation program. I, along with the other women, got an opportunity to learn more about these measures.

I chose implant over other contraceptive measures because I sometimes forget to take contraceptive pills, miss the dates of Depo-Provera shots, and an operation will take longer time to heal (6 months rest). I can’t afford to rest for a long time because I fish every day and sell in the local market to support my family. However, if I use the implant it will only take me one week to heal. Also, there are no side effects and no fear of missing the regular dose. I think this the safest and most viable contraceptive measure for family planning.

Initially, I was reluctant to use this contraceptive measure. However, after regular consultation with the visiting service provider, I have recently decided to use this implant service. Most women from our community have used this service and are very happy about it. Now I can work freely and take care of my children.

(Based on conversation with 26 years old Punam Devi from Sarlahi)