With diverse topography and productive land, Terai is a beautiful region of Nepal. Despite its natural beauty, this region is highly vulnerable to the disaster. Climate Change, deforestation, drought, flood and fire outbreak are putting this region at high risk.Hundreds of people have lost their valuable lives and thousands of people have been left homeless due to the floods that hits Terai time to time.

The flood that occurred in July and August, 2017 disrupted regular life in Terai. The flood damaged properties worth millions of rupees and left more than 165 people killed.Considering the emergency need after flood, ADRA Nepal in coordination with local NGOs- Chetana, RDC and CDAFN has been executing programs of humanitarian aid including distribution of urgent relief materials.

Chameriya Devi Ram, resident of Gujara rural municipality of Rautahat says that life of her family has been eased after her family received emergency relief materials.

“The flood damaged our houses very badly leading to a huge loss. The flood washed away paddy farms and also damaged wheat, rice, cereals and clothes. Everything were destroyed inside our house after inundation.,” she shares, “ From ADRA Nepal we received the best relief ever. They provided us foods as relief which helped us a lot to overcome our situation. We would have been left in hunger if they would not have provided foods to us.”

Nishini Devi Sada, resident of, Gaushala Municipality Ward No. 10 of Mahottari is glad to receive daily food commodity at a time when flood swept away her shelter and food.The flood took away her house along with clothes, beds, cycle and cemented pillars.

“Later, we were granted kitchen wares set , a bucket, two mosquito nets, two bed sheets, one plastic and a rope. Additionally, we received rice, five kilogram cereals and five kilogram sugar. We also got two blankets and a tent. We are very happy to get such support,” says Sada.

The happiness is back in the flood affected communities after getting emergency relief materials.

There was an incessant heavy rain fall for 4 to 5 days. This rainfall washed away their food, clothes and shelter too. In such circumstances, they received kitchen wares set, blankets, bed sheets, beddings, cereals, rice and oil from ADRA Nepal through the support of Local partners.

“Heavy flood entered our house at night, we rushed to save our children and ourselves too. All the foods and clothes were damaged by flood. RDC Nepal provided us a tent, thirty kilogram rice, cereals, towel and toothbrushes which are very useful for us,” shared Ramadhar Ram of Gujara Rural Municipality -9, Rautahat.

The people of flood affected community have breathed sigh of relief after the health camps were conducted in their community.

“Hadn’t health camps been conducted, we would have been suffered from various disease. We are much more benefitted from this health camps. We got medicines after undergoing check ups. Now, we can stay healthy,” KusnudaKhatoon of Paroha Municipality, Rautahatsays.

According to DashahiMahato, In-chargeofTejapakad Health Post, Rautahat, the flood damaged numerous houses and sources of drinking water facilities. To address possible epidemic, they coordinated with UNFPA and ADRA Nepal and conducted camp for reproductive health. Pregnant women, postnatal mothers and patients suffering from communicable diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid were highly benefitted from these camps.

To address the critical need of the affected communities, relief materials such as tents, blankets, bed sheets, mosquito nets rice, cereals, sugar, buckets and kitchen wares were distributed.In coordination with district disaster management committee, ADRA Nepal with local implementing partners- Community Development and Advocacy Forum Nepal, they distributed relief materials in the affected communities.

According to Ram Kumar Gurung, DRM Coordinator of ADRA Nepal, though all the relief distribution works were completed successfully,they had to face some obstacles such as instruction from local administration in view of holding of the local elections, and possible physical loss of relief materials while storing them among other. “Despite facing obstacles, we distributed relief materials in those affected communities. We think that the affected communities would be highly benefitted if we implement reconstruction programs in the days to come,” he shares.

According to Bidya Mahat, Program Director of ADRA Nepal, it immediately deploystheir response team under our National Emergency Response Plan when such disaster is reported. As per the plan, they coordinated with district disaster relief committee and local partners to accomplish the relief distribution works successfully. “We want to thank all the helping hands including supporting agencies, individuals and team of ADRA Nepal,” she thanked whoever involved in the relief efforts.