Women Raise Voice through Singing

Women Raise Voice through Singing

Around one thousand local people gathered in Jaluke Bhingre of Pyuthan district to sing songs and dance delivering awareness-raising messages on 1st of September 2018. In the wake of Teej festival (women’s festival), especially, women raised the voice through the medium of songs on women empowerment and rights, gender equality, the abolition of gender-based violence, girls education rights and anti-early child marriage.

The organizer chose singing and dancing competition as part of Teej celebration as music has remained an effective means of raising awareness as the audience get entertainment and social messages at the same time.

The function was jointly organized by Swargadwari Media group in coordination and collaboration with municipality and partnership with cooperatives and Good Governance and Livelihood (GOAL) project.

The similar event was also organized in Jumrikada of Pyuthan municipality-5 of Pyuthan in collaboration with ward office and Sangharshasil women network.

The representatives from various government offices, political parties, local CBOs, journalists, community group members and locals were present on the occasions.

GOAL project under ADRA Nepal, funded by Australian Government DFAT, has been facilitating Day Celebration events to sensitize local stakeholders and communities on various social and environmental issues.

Meanwhile, GOAL project was felicitated by the organizers for supporting the campaign on women rights and gender equality issues in the community.