From ‘Housewife’ to Resource Person

It was unexpected for Shanta B.C, Mina BC and Pima BC, of Sari village of Pyuthan that they would be invited from Sunil Smriti Rural Municipality to facilitate training on pickle production. After taking training on pickle making, they were running pickle enterprise in their community. But this time, they were getting an opportunity to transfer skills to other women. They accepted the offer and successfully conducted the training. 

A few years back, they were limited to household activities as social stigma put restriction on them. But now they have become the entrepreneur. They established enterprise named as “Milansar Pickle Industry” after they received training through the support of Good Governance and Livelihood (GOAL) project funded by Australian Government through DFAT.

“Initially, I was hesitant to deliver training as I had never done such thing in the past but I decided to facilitate the training later as my friends encouraged me,” Shanta said. Not only Shanta, other women who had taken pickle training followed by Results-Oriented Leadership Development Program (ROLDP) training, have been actively involved in delivering the training. They have been regularly supplying the pickles to the local market of Rolpa and Pyuthan and the demands of pickle have been increasing. In one hand, they have empowered themselves as the trainer, on the other, they have been contributing to sustain the pickle industry in the community. By challenging the gender bias created by the patriarchal society where women’s mobility is limited, they have become a role model for the women for other women who are willing to change. 

As pickle making becomes a popular trend in the community, local governments have also started to provide such training on their own. The GOAL project is working with rural women to start and upgrade their business. The project is being implemented by ADRA Nepal in Rolpa and Pyuthan in partnership with Rupantaran, RUDAS, and FIRDO.