Shyam Jnavaly
Team Leader, Disaster Risk Management

Mr. Shyam Jnavaly is a bonafide development professional in Nepal, engaged over 30 years as development activist and humanitarian worker.  He was associated with Plan International, Action Aid International, South Asia Partnership International and CARE International in Nepal prior to ADRA.  During his career as a Development Professional he had many successes, such as capacity building of the staff members and helping partner organisations to develop their OD plan as well as developing project strategies and implementing systems that helped smooth implementation of several projects. He has undertaken various types of Emergency Response operations such as “Kashmir Earthquake Pakistan (2005), Nepal Flood Response 2007/2008/2009, Sindh Flood Response Pakistan (2010/11)” Nepal Flood 2014 and current Earthquake Response Nepal 2015.

Mr. Jnavaly is also an advocate and promoter of School Safety, DRR, Climate Change and Humanitarian works in Nepal. He was among the founder of several DRR/CCA Networks in Nepal like the DPNet Nepal, CCNN, National DRR Platform, AIN Task Group on Disaster Management and Climate Change and Network of Community Based DMCs in Nepal. He is known as an advocate on DRR sector with expertise on Right Based and Human Security Approach; promoting Sphere, INEE and HAP in Nepal; an awardee of DPNet Excellence Honour as DRR Contributor to the Nation and Region in 2012.

He had attended several development and humanitarian training courses at local and international level i.e. Disaster Management Course ADPC Bangkok, Thailand; Sphere ToT Delhi, India; Participatory Vulnerability Analysis - Kent, UK; Emergency Management Training – Colombo, Sri Lanka, Humanitarian Leadership Course – Melbourne, Australia and Flood Resilience Measurement Course in Switzerland. He has been working in ADRA Nepal since early 2016.