Yuba Raj Chaudhary
Finance and Administration Director

He has over 24 years of work experience in Finance, Human Resource, Administration and Management. Mr. Chaudhary has acquired extensive knowledge, skills and experience over the years and has worked in key positions in other organizations such as Finance and Administration Director (iDE Nepal), Finance and Administration Manager (AMDA Nepal), Financial Management Advisor (GWP) and Finance Officer (NEWAH). He has also worked with Save the Children US, DiSvi International (Italian INGO) and ENPHO. Mr. Chaudhary gained a depth of experience through his varied financial management work with different grants from bilateral and multilateral, International Governments, USAID, DFID, EU, the UN and INGOs. His combination of skills and knowledge in the areas of finance, HR, programs, policy development and grant management, donor compliance is an assets and a valuable member of the ADRA Nepal team.

Because of his past experience in development and corporate finance with MBA and additional eMBA degree along with professional training at international and local level, he has developed himself as an expert in his area.

He has got a proven track records as an achiever of implementation of operational and financial and human resource management strategies, organizational change, efficient use of resources, adapt processes and procedures, internal control and compliances. He is very creative setting up a resources mobilization framework as well as ability to negotiate its distribution. He is passionate for excellence to producing truly world class results.