Palika level orientation on family health program

ADRA Nepal has conducted orientation at Palika (municipal) level on health-related program in four districts where UNFPA program is being implemented.

Immediately after the local level elections, the Ministry of Health developed and endorsed the local level health -related program implementation guideline 2017/18 for orientation to the local representatives on governance, decentralization and resource mobilization by mobilizing experts from Department of Health Services and I/NGOs, development agencies and stakeholders.

Upon the request of Family Health Division (FHD) and with the funding support from DFID/UNFPA, ADRA Nepal conducted a one-day orientation for the chiefs and deputy chiefs, Chief Administrative Officer, Health Coordinators of the local federal units, DCC members, DPHO staffs in four UNFPP districts (Rautahat, Sarlahi, Sunsari and Udaypur) in line with implementation guideline and FHD package.