Agricultural Recovery of Earthquake Affected Families in Dhading District (AREA)

The AREA project is a 20 months (2017-2018) project funded by Swiss Solidarity. The project covers 3 Rural/Municipalities in Dhading District, collaborating with Resource Identification and Management Society Nepal.

The main objective of the project is to strengthen the resilience of marginalized Community by recovering their livelihoods, which are earthquake affected in Dhading District, Nepal.

Project outcome: The outcome of this project is mentioned in three parts: increased income opportunities to earthquake affected HHs through rehabilitation of community infrastructures, improved access to input, technology and services, and strengthened linkages with financial services.

Project outputs:

Output 1.1: Community and household assets related to agriculture/livestock production and marketing rehabilitated/established through Cash for Work (CFW) approach.

Output 1.2: Agricultural tools and technologies support and demonstrations are provided to beneficiary households using market-based approach

Output 1.3: Access to finance services of beneficiary households increased

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