Mira Mahat is studying at grade 12 at Pragati Prabhat Academy, Banepa in Kavrepalanchok district. However, it was not easy for her to make ways to higher secondary school.

The economic status of her family is poor. Her parents are struggling hard to bring up and educate six children including Mira. Mira’s father is unemployed. Mira’s mother sells cow- milk from which she makes nominal saving to fulfill basic needs of nine family members- herself, husband, mother in law and children. Besides, she also works as a daily wage laborer to support the livelihood of the family.

As parts of ADRA Nepal’s program to support unprivileged children to continue their education, ADRA Nepal supported Mira since 2014 when she was studying at grade 7.

As the years rolled on, the devastating earthquake of 2015 brought pitfalls in their lives- their house was collapsed and source of livelihood was also blocked as there were no work opportunities for several months of the earthquake.

“We lived under the tarpaulin and I discontinued going to the school for several months,” Mira remembers those days, “We did not have sufficient foods at that time, going to the school was second priority.”
In view of the problem Mahat family was facing to educate their children, ADRA Nepal continued offering the scholarship to Mira by providing uniforms, stationary items and school fees.
Now, Mira has advanced herself to grade 12 and still ADRA Nepal’s support continues. ADRA Nepal is providing Rs 18000 annually for school fees.

“ADRA Nepal has been supporting me for the last 5 years. Our difficulties still continue but this support has reduced the economic burden of my family. I will not let fall the aspiration of my family,” she said.
To help children to continue their school education, ADRA Nepal’s education program has been providing scholarships to 380 students from the poor economic background in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Kavre district.