Thirty-five years old Hiramati Devi Baitha of Debahi Gonahi municipality of Rautahat district, already became a grandmother. Hiramati who emerges from poor economic family background is mother of six children. As Hiramati’s last child enters 6 years, her first child Ramita Baitha  already has a baby of 10 months at the age of 19 years.

As she was ignorant about Long-acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) methods of family planning, she failed to maintain birth spacing.

In the month of June 2018, one of her friends informed Hiramati that an orientation on Happy Family was being organized at a local health post and she was quite interested to attend the program. While participating in the orientation, she knew many things she didn’t know earlier. She realized that the hardships she is facing today could have been minimized if she would have used family planning methods.

“Sisters from ADRA Nepal informed me about implant services. After participating in training, I realized that insertion of implant would protect me from having another baby,” she shared after an uptake of implant service.

ADRA Nepal is implementing UNFPP program in support of UNFPA/UKAID in 41 health facilities of Rautahat district. As a part of the program implementation, an orientation on the happy family was organized targeting women of minorities and hard to reach community especially for Dalit, Dom and Chamar community at Prempur health post in Debahi Gonahi Municipality. Hiramati was one of the participants of orientation.

After attending the orientation, she regretted for not bringing her 19 years old daughter Ramita to the orientation. She came to the firm conclusion that her daughter would also suffer from the similar destiny if she would be too late to pass this knowledge to the next generation.

Hiramati brought Ramita to the health post for counselling on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning. After receiving counselling from Visiting Service Provider from ADRA Nepal, Ramita immediately took permission from her husband over the phone and took implant service on the same day transforming herself from ignorant into informed mother.

Hiramati (right) with her daughter Ramita