Shankarapur Municipality ward number 6 and 7 of Kathmandu are vulnerable to fire hazards. To protect the 3300 years old historical city, property and community living in the Shankhu city of the municipality from the fire, ward office and community have taken initiatives.

PRAGATI project implemented by ADRA Nepal in consortium with DCA and VSO, conducted technical study and started fund raising to install at least 2 model hydrant in two communities among 8 inside the Shankhu. Fire Hydrant scheme is integrated with existing water supply system. Municipality and ward office have contributed around 45% and remaining amount by PRAGATI Project to support more than 250 households.

Meanwhile, mock drill and simulation exercised was conducted to test the plan and system installed in Shankarapur Municipality and technical skill provided at community level. Municipality emergency operation center, dispatch time of stockpiled emergency equipment’s, decision making process during emergency, disaster information management plate form and mobile application were tested at municipality level.

Technical skill on first aid, search and rescue, firefighting and initial need assessment were tested at community level at same time through PRAGATI project in Shankarapur Municipality. The mock drill was conducted on 30th Dec 2018 with the involvement of community people, Shankarapur Municipality, office of ward number 6, civil society, Scout and PRAGATI project team members. Inspector from Armed Police Force led the event.