“A writer reads at least twenty books to write one book. When you read one book, you are actually reading twenty books; reading course book helps you to score better in the exam but reading extra books help you to understand the world in a better way,”  Narayan Bhakta Shrestha, principal of a secondary school in Kavre district was inspiring his students about the importance of reading as a group of students approached him after the opening of the library that was just set up in the school.

Setting a well-furnished library with enough books in Bal Ujjyal Secondary school, was long -cherished the dream of Shrestha. And it was coming true.

“Now I am breathing sigh of relief, I am very confident that our students will make the best use of the library,” he shared after opening the library.

Since he joined the school years ago as a teacher, the school did not have any library. He remembers how staff members of the schools struggled to keep safe a few sets of old books in sack while reconstructing and relocating the classroom and school office time and again.

“We had a few sets of books which we had stored in a small book rack, but as the earthquake hit us in 2015, neither we were able to safeguard them nor set up a new library,” Shrestha shared, “But now I feel very lucky to have such a nice library now.”

Many government schools in Kavrepalanchok district lack libraries that has hindered students from broadening their horizon of learning. Considering this need, ADRA Nepal, with support from ADRA Korea, established the library in three schools in Kavre district.

Balujjyal school of one of three schools that has been able to provide students with the facility to read varieties of books in the comfortable learning environment.

Samjhana Tamang, grade 7 student at Shree Laxmi Narayan Secondary School, likes to read story books but such books were not available in the school earlier. But after the establishment of the school, she has got the opportunity to read the books she is interested with.

“Library was established just two days back. There are plenty of books. The room is well-furnished. I will read books during free time,” she shared she looked at newly arranged books in the wooden-made rack,

“I am interested to read storybooks, I am just confused which to choose first,” she smiled and told.

Amidst a program, the libraries were handed over to the schools in September 2018.

The establishment of school library will provide the wide range of books as a teaching and learning resource materials for students, teachers and parents to helps students to develop their reading habits, motivate them to read different genre of books for creativity and for literacy skills for parents.

“Many students cannot afford to buy different books on the same topic. In such situation, the library will help our students to learn comfortably in well-furnished,” said Ishwor Bahadur Bhandari, principal of Shree Gorakhnath Basic School Panauti.