Intern and Volunteer

ADRA Nepal offers volunteering and internship opportunities to interested candidates from around the globe. ADRA Nepal believes that volunteers and interns are integral and valuable asset to the organization given, the exposure and sound environment, the volunteers or interns are expected to exchange their experiences and explore themselves to the maximum potential for the benefit of the rural communities of Nepal.
However, ADRA Nepal has the provision of hiring interns and volunteers either within the country or should be via any of the ADRA Network offices. ADRA Nepal doesn’t have provision of paid internship or volunteering service. Should you be interested to provide your valuable service for the development of the rural and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities of Nepal, we provide you opportunities to work with us in the following areas:
• Visiting project sites and conducting research
• supporting administration and logistics management
• monitoring online media portals
• managing social media and website
• providing own specialist expertise to one of the ADRA Nepal area of work
• participating in social campaigns, press conference events organized by the organization
Volunteers and interns are usually recruited on full time basis for the period of minimum of 3 months extendable upto 6 months depending on the performance.