Swab Collection Training for Laboratory Workers

ADRA Nepal conducted one day training on Swab/sample collection for COVID-19 for RT-PCR and RDT test in Bheri Hospital Banke on 1 june 2020. A total of 17 laboratory workers of the hospital attended the training.
The training was aimed at transferring and enhancing knowledge of lab workers to carry out standard procedure of sample collection for RDT and RT-PCR tests and enabling them to follow appropriate techniques and procedures on using PPE.
As part of COVID-19 response, this activity was supported by the government of Japan and ADRA Japan.

Medical Commodity Support to Birthing Centers

Supported by Australian government and Open Heart International, ADRA Nepal, together with its partner Bagmati Welfare Society Nepal, provided health commodities to nine birthing centers of Sarlahi district as part of COVID-19 response. The support includes 1,500 pieces of 3 pay masks, 40 sets of PPE, 5,000 pieces of gloves and 50 bottles of hand sanitizer (500 ml).
ADRA has been working in Sarlahi district for last few years to improve maternal health through construction and renovation of birthing centers and supply of medical equipment.

Medical Equipment Support to Koshi Hospital

ADRA Nepal has been conducting different activities on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Response. ADRA’s response activities are followed by the call by the government of Nepal to the international non-government organization to help fight the virus that has spread to Nepal as well.

Medical Supplies Supported in Banke

ADRA Nepal has supported medical supplies to Bheri Hospital, Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City and Kohalpur Municipality in Banke district as part of COVID-19 Response. The support includes 3 Ply Medical Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Examination Gloves, Disinfectant Solution and Handwash Liquid. ADRA Japan funded for this support.

Medical Equipment Support to Sheer Memorial Adventist Hospital Banepa

ADRA Nepal has provided medical supplies to Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital Banepa as part of COVID-19 response. The support includes 94 pieces N95 masks, 1,000 pieces 3 ply medical masks and 1,000 pairs of examination gloves.

Medical Equipment Support to Koshi Hospital

ADRA, together with its partner Bagamati Welfare Society Nepal, handed over key medical equipment including ventilator and N95 masks to Koshi Hospital Biratnagar on 12 April 2020 as part of COVID-19 Response.
“The support includes 70 types of medical equipment required to respond COVID-19 as well to perform surgical treatment to other patients,” said Medical Superintendent of the hospital Sangita Mishra after receiving the equipment. 

Medical Supplies Supported in Rolpa and Pyuthan

ADRA Nepal with its partners FIRDO Nepal, RUDAS Nepal and Rupantaran, handed over medical supplies to Swargadwari municipality in Pyuthan and Runtigadhi rural municipality in Rolpa as part of COVID-19 Response. The support materials includes 1,000 pieces surgical masks, 6,000 pieces gloves, 24 litre Sanitizer, 48 litre phenyl and 48 litre spirit. The materials were handed over to respective local level representatives on 14 April 2020. Generating Opportunities in Agriculture and Livelihoods (GOAL-II) project contributed this support. Funded by Australian government and ADRA Australia, GOAL-II is implemented in Pyuthan and Rolpa districts.

Awareness Raising Activities in Rolpa and Pyuthan

Team of Generating Opportunities in Agriculture and Livelihoods (GOAL-II) Project is raising awareness on Preventive Measures against Coronavirus disease in Pyuthan and Rolpa district. The team has distributed IEC materials in all wards and groups formed by the Project in Swargadwari municipality. Such a campaign is also planned for  Rolpa district as well The IEC materials include answers of frequently asked questions about coronavirus disease and ways to get protected from it.

Hand Washing Orientation to FCHV and Adolescent Grils

Visiting Service Providers (VSPs) from ADRA Nepal have oriented awareness on proper method of hand-washing among Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) and adolescent girls various districts in Terai.