Multiple-Use Water Systems (MUS) have been handed over in Kaule and Bhumisthan of Thakre rural municipalities in Dhading district. With the completion of the construction of these new water facilities, the water supply system has been restored in the 2015 earthquake hit communities.

The number of water facilities constructed through the contribution of ADRA has reached 10 in Dhading district. Two more water supply systems are under construction.

Chairman of Thakre Rural Municipality Ram Kumar Acharya inaugurated separate water facilities built in Kaule and Bhumisthan on 25th and 27th November.

“After the 2015 earthquake, water sources became dry, the construction of Multiple-Use Water System has fulfilled basic need of the community,” said chairperson Acharya.

The newly built MUS supply water to the local community for domestic consumption, livestock feeding, and irrigation. MUS construction is part of the project namely Food Security Enhancement and Agricultural Resilience for the Earthquake Affected Rural Nepalese Farmers (FOSTER) funded by Canadian Food Grain Bank (CFGB) and ADRA Canada.

Meanwhile, a team comprising Sr. Manager of ADRA Canada ADRA Canada for CFGB Program Avish Raj and Team Leader of ADRA Nepal Dr. Salil Bhattarai visited to the project site and interacted with government officials and communities regarding project activities, community feedback and planning.