It feels proud for me to work with the people living in the rural parts of Sunsari district.

I have been working as a Visiting Service Provider for 20 months in Sunsari. Many of the communities in Sunsari district are backward in terms of education and health status. I have been providing LARC service to the needy women by visiting government health facilities and also have been bringing women to the health facilities by visiting door- to the door of the community and counseling them about the need of family planning.

It might be so strange for many of us to know that several women even don’t know what family planning is and what its methods are.

I found many women completely ignorant about it as their lives revolve around delivering babies, bringing them up and taking care of household activities. When I approached with some women from Muslim and Musahar community, initially they looked so hesitant to talk and listen about family planning.

A woman shared with me that she used to think that such a service is only meant for the women from reach family backgrounds. Women from the Muslim community were more hesitant to talk about family planning because of religious reason. Some young women around the age between 25-36 had 3-6 children but they are not thinking of taking family planning service. From a series of interactions with them, I found the reasons that stop them from taking family planning service.

The common reasons are lack of awareness among women about family planning, pressure from husband not to take such services, religious belief, and fear from a side effects of the service. Through informal interaction and frequent counseling, we can bring them to the health facilities that I have been doing. Ignorance of people is not their fault, it’s our fault to expect them to visit health facilities themselves. They need love, care, and counseling to make them realize how family planning is important in their lives.

(Sumitra works as Visiting Service Provider in Sunsari district under Health Program of ADRA)