Sandip Baral studies at grade 10 now. He is preparing for Secondary Education Examination (SEE) that requires hard studies as it paves way to new journey to the higher studies to school students. Sandip is regaining his hope to pass out SEE exam with good marks as the school sees pretty changes in recent years.  Shree Kiranchok Karki Danda School situated in Galchi Rural Municipaltiy of Dhading district in Nepal, where Sandip studies, is one among nine thousand schools that were severely damaged by 2015 earthquake.

“The earthquake that occurred on 25 April, caused collapse of classrooms of our school building. Since, the school was closed on that day because of the weekend, our lives were saved,” Sandip recalls, “After one month of the closure, we continued the classes in Temporary Learning Centers and partially damaged classroom.”  He used to lose attention towards studies thinking of possibility of yet another jolt as aftershocks were very common by then. When he was at class 8, one of his teachers told students that a donor has promised to construct a new building for them. Within a few weeks of the announcement made by the teacher, they saw construction materials being unloaded and laborers workings to construct new building.

“Our happiness is back now, our dream to read in safe class rooms with the facility of toilet and computer lab has come true,” Sandip shared, “Class room is wide, sitting arrangements, benches and desks are far better now, we feel safe and are able to concentrate on study”.

According to Computer Teacher Sangita Karki, computer lab has come under operation after two years of the quake when new the building consisting of three classrooms, and one laboratory was constructed.  “We used to teach theory only in computer class due to lack of space to set up  the laboratory as previous structures were damaged.”

“Previously we did not have safe class rooms and  computer lab. now computer lab has been set up in new building where we take practical classes,” Grade 10 student Melina Adhikary shared.

A massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude shook Nepal on April 25, 2015 and destroyed or damaged around 9000 schools and 30,000 classrooms. Almost one million children were out of school in the immediate aftermath and the quake was followed by a major aftershock on May 12.

Many schools in Dhading district were either collapsed or partially damaged due to the quake. To address the critical need of the students of Kiranchok Karkidanda Secondary School, a 4 room building was constructed through the support under Disaster Resilience Education and Safe School (DRESS) Project. The school project was funded by a generous donor through ADRA Canada. ADRA Nepal implemented the project through the partnership with nongovernment organization RIMS Nepal. The school project started since  April 2017 and completed in August 2018. A total of 369 students have been directly benefited by this initiative.

Computer Lab (above)