Sub sector
Newborn and child health

This project aims at improving environment of newborn and child health care comprehensively by enhancing health system from community, district level to national level and implementing necessary infrastructure improvements.

Improve quality and utilization of new born and child health care services in Banke district of Nepal

1. Health facilities and hospital can be upgraded with adequate medical equipment for the environment where patient can receive necessary medical treatment.

2. Health service from health service providers is improved

3. Health facility will be managed continuously and appropriately.

4. Increased Awareness on New born and Child Care through IEC BCC activities among residents and they can deal with newborn and child illness adequately.

Project Area
“Project will be implemented in the Health Facilities of all rural/urban municipalities of Banke district:

1. Health Posts- 44 facilities
2. PHCCs- 3 facilities
3. Bheri Zonal Hospital- 1 facility

MoFA Japan/ADRA Japan

Project Period
FEB 2019-Dec 2020

Rs. 116,984,174.00