ADRA is working to reach the unreached population in community. Besides, ADRA is helping to change many lives from community to country. Undoubtedly, it reaches beneficiaries in grass root and help them make an informed choice. Apart from a great effort from many governments and non-government organizations, there are still many corners where the service of family planning is not reached yet. Visiting service providers (VSPs) from ADRA Nepal are reaching those left behind population with their day and night effort. In their own community now, they have broader choice of method for family planning, they have more information and friendly service provider coming to their doorstep. They never realized, life could be that easy with choices of family planning, two sticks (Implant) and you are done for five years. They could enjoy rest of their relationship without any fear of getting pregnant again.

One of the villagers said, just with their decision to embrace the newer method available in the health facility, they could enjoy the normal life without having any stress of another child. It helped them to concentrate on growth and development, education of existing child. “I think I am taking a better care of my child and he is getting less scolded by me,” she shared.

Our VSP travel to the unreached village with many kilos weight on their back pack. They walk for miles after surviving the overloaded public vehicle and get to the women’s door step to give them their right choice of family planning.

This service cycle strengthens the VSP’s ability to cope, walk, provide service with limited resources and experience the real life of that community. They are no more service provider serving the clients to their clinic, they are the life savers who design their journey to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce unsafe abortion in remote parts of the district. “The things we have been complaining in life worth nothing in front of what we are living with now. A public bus with and vacant set, a fewer kg lighter load, a walk without rain and jungle in between is really a privilege and all we want at that moment”, a VSP shared.

The issue of family planning is not just about going to a nearby clinic and buying some condom and pills, it takes a huge effort of many human resources to give the beneficiaries in villages what they deserve. The program planners and designers put their life long experiences to make it feasible, available and to the accessible to the community. ADRA is giving a bigger space to who wants to make change in the community, give them their reproductive rights, a broader space of family planning, and a freedom of choice.

(The writer is Project Coordinator  under Health Program at ADRA Nepal)