Enhancing Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers in Central Terai Districts of Nepal (ELIVES) project is a 3year project jointly funded by DFID and ADRA UK and is implemented in four districts of Eastern region from April 2015. The ELIVES project combines key strengths of project partners- ADRA Nepal, iDE and FORWARD Nepal and district based partners (LNGO) to enhance livelihoods and income for poor and marginalized smallholder farmers in four Central Terai districts of Nepal with a focus on women and socially excluded groups in particular, Dalits, Janajati and Madhesi.

The project aims to bring tangible change in poor people’s lives, contributing on sustainable development goals (SDGs) 1, 2, 5 that are respectively End poverty in all its forms everywhere, End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture and Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. To achieve this, the project has employed interventions on goats, vegetables/lentil and market access/promotion.

Expected OutputsAchievements for this year
Outout 1:Increased organizational capacity of target farmers for commercial vegetable and livestock production.– 600 groups formed with a total 13,091 members
– 8,764 members trained on Group management
– 1702 group members have been participating in ongoing 60 business literacy class.
Output 2:Target farmers have improved capacity in goat management
Types of trainingNo. of beneficiaries
Breed and breed management training4124
Animal health management training4123
Dipping, drenching, PPR campaignMore than 20,000 goats
Shed management training4120
Feed management training4037
Fodder and forage management training4014
Output 3: Target farmers have improved capacity in vegetable and lentil production
Types of TrainingNo. of beneficiaries
Basic Nursery management and seasonal vegetable20 CBFs
Farmer’s capacity building training at farmer’s group level2334
Off season vegetable training for leader farmers100
Training to nursery operator29
Training to nursery operator1592
Compost manure making training1679
Output 4: Efficient market linkage established for Input and Output Marketing– Stakeholders from DLSO, DADO and other district offices of 4 districts were provided with M4P training
– 5 Collection centres supported/strengthened
– 5 market planning committees (MPC) formed

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