I feel blessed to work for women who are living in poverty and a lot of social, economic and health-related problems. My feel proud when I see the happy faces of women because of my small contribution. I am originally from eastern hilly district Okhaldhunga, I was brought up in different cultural setting there but now I am working in Rautahat district where context is completely different. Language and weather and topography is different.

Languages and cultures were unfamiliar to me when I came here for the first time as a health worker after being appointed at ADRA Nepal under a Family Planning project in 2016. Initially, I felt how could I adapt myself in a new place. But I kept thinking positively and stepped forward. I faced difficulties in the initial days but as I continued to work with people, the innocent women’s misery, their willingness to adopt change, their kind hearts made me easier to work.

I have some unique experiences that always reminds me to serve people, serve society for its betterment.
I want to share one case which is common in Terai. A woman accompanied by her 15 years old daughter-in-law visited a health post where I was working. She was quite worried about the consequences of the marriage of her son, who was just 17 years old. I counseled them and provided the implant service. But the girl later visited the health post and insisted me that she wanted to eject the implant. I consulted with her mother and mother-in-law and counseled her for around two hours about the risk of early pregnancy. When she understood, she cried for being so obstinate on implant ejection.

Several girls are in the risk of early pregnancy in Terai. It’s because of a lack of education and poverty. If we keep educating and convincing them tirelessly, they realize the importance of family planning because women are the sufferer. We, everyone, who are working as a health activist should take service as a responsibility but not as a job. If we really want to save young girls from risk, we have to tirelessly talk to them, educate them and make them act.

When some changes occur in the person’s life and that change leads them towards because of your small action, that’s the priceless award for you. It is the reason why I want to work with the people living in a bad situation despite the difficulties.

(The writer is a Visiting Service Provider of ADRA Nepal. She works in Rautahat district under Health Program)