District Coverage:

Climate Change/Environment

6800 (495 Primary and
6305 Secondary)

Implementing Partner:
Rupantaran Nepal

ADRA Australia (Innovation Fund)

Project Period:
March 2013 – May2014

AUD 100,000

Project Goal
To enhance the resilience and adaptive capacity of poor and vulner-
able communities mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change
in Rupandehi district.

Creating Climate Change Capacity
The primary goal of this project is to help local communities and
institutions develop capacities to plan, implement and monitor
activities for climate change mitigation initiatives. It is planned that
through these actions, local communities will have increased resil-
ience and reduced vulnerabilities in regards to the adverse affects of
climate change. These aims will be achieved through the following

• Mainstreaming Climate Change information into Literacy Pack- ages
• Using the Community Based Adaptation Plan (CBAP) to bring
these interventions into a household level.
• Turning Cooperatives into Resource Centres for the wider com-
munity, so that communities may be aware of the possible climate
change initiatives and opportunities that they have.
• The Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA) identifies effective
local VDC adaptation interventions and planning and local sources
of resources within the scope of National Planning Documents and
• The Final report will include a multimedia presentation outlin-
ing the success stories, best practices and lessons learned that can be
shared in a number of contexts.

Expected Outcomes
• To enhance the coping capacities of vulnerable cooperative
members to respond to the impacts of climate change.
• To strengthen the institutional capacity of existing coopera-
tives and vulnerable communities to respond to the adverse impacts
of climate change.
• To support innovative community based adaptation priori-
ties identified by Village Development Committees (VDCs)