District Coverage: Dailekh, Kalikot and Jajarkot

Sector: Health

Beneficiaries Primary: over 15,000
Secondary: over 83,000

Funding Partner: Government of Japan

Project Period: February 2012 to February 2015

Budget: USD 1,500,000


As the maternal mortality rate in Nepal is one of the highest among developing countries, an emphasis must be placed on improving the quality of, and access to, maternal healthcare, in order to reduce the maternal morbidity and mortality rates. The selected locations have poor road conditions which in- creases the time needed for access to services for surrounding com- munities and limits the Govern- ment support for these facilities. ADRA, with support from the Government of Japan, is assisting Government Agencies

such as the District Health Of- fice (DHO) to increase support and services for the remote com- munities in Dailekh, Kalikot and Jajarkot Districts.

A lack of community aware- ness on maternal and neonatal healthcare has also resulted in low instances of women seeking maternal healthcare. This lack of awareness is further perpetuated by the lack of adequate infra- structure in the remote health-
care institutions.

Project Goal
The goal of this project is to improve thematernal and neonatal health in Mid-Western region of Nepal.

Expected Outcome
• The selected health facility basic infra- structure improved
• The capacity of health institutions strengthened
• The risk of unplanned pregnancies reduced
• Health seeking behavior of community members improved

Project Activities
• Construction of 17 Birthing Centers
• Equipment and Solar Electronics System Power Support to each constructed Birthing Center
• Solar Electricity Supply Power Support to 3 District Hospitals
• Result Oriented Leadership and Management Training to

District Reproductive Health Coordination Committees (DRHCC) in each districts
• Mobilization of Health Facility Operation Management Committees (HFOMC) with Leadership Development Training
• Implant training to health service providers
• Skilled Birth Attendant training to health service providers.
• Support in trainings of community based maternal and neonatal health (CB-MNH) in Dailekh and scaling up of

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) in 15 VDC of Kalikot