The LiveMore Asia project is a joint initiative of ADRA Camboida, Thailand, Nepal and ADRA Australia that aims to demonstrate a sustainable reduction in NCD risks for at-risk participants to key public health stakeholders. Partners will work together to contextualize the participatory material of the “LiveMore” model which is based on the proven Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and to apply it to rural and peri-urban settings. Training of health professionals and community members as facilitators will lead to health risk assessment screeding for at least 920 persons with at least 380 at risk community members signing up to a LiveMore behaviour change group.

The project activities in all countries will follow approved research protocols with Ethics Committee approval and oversight in each country. Results and lessons learned will be compiled and plans for future scale-up and expansion will be made based on the results in each case as well as a whole.

Overall objective of this study is to demonstration of sustainable reduction in Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) risks for at-risk participants which will lead to further scale-up of promotion of lifestyle based preventative health promotion using the materials adapted and adopted through the study on a larger scale.

Outcome 1: The LiveMore/Reflect model adapted for the Cambodia/Nepal/Thailand (Asian) context
Outcome 2: LiveMore program participants making significant NCD risk reducing changes in balanced diet, physical activity levels, and consumption of tobacco and or alcohol products and seeing significant improvements in blood glucose, cholesterol, and pressure levels, and reduced Body Mass Index scores.
Outcome 3: LiveMore NCD behaviour program research results disseminated and plans developed for scale-up purposes.

2 sites in Kavre and 3 sites in Rautahat

ADRA International

20 Facilitator trained , 500 community members complete NCD risk assessment, 107 at risk persons to begin the CHIPS program.

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