Promoting Resilient and Sustainable Urban Growth by Augmenting DRR Capacity of Local Authorities through Active Private Sector Involvement (PRAGATI) project aims to promote resilient and sustainable urban growth through DRR capacity building of local authorities and active involvement of the private sector and local population. It focuses on two urban Municipalities: Changunarayan and Shankharapur in Kathmandu Valley.

Project Area
Shankharapur Municipality of Kathmandu District and
Changunarayan Municipality of Bhaktapur District

Project Period
April 2017- October 2018

Funding Partner
ECHO and ADRA Germany

Consortium Partners

Major Outcomes
1. Increase preparedness and response capacities of local authorities and communities collaborating with the private sector contributing to the creation of resilient urban municipalities
2. Improve disaster risk governance at the municipal level to manage emergency response and reducing future risks
3. Improve emergency response capacity of communities, private sector and local authorities by engaging them to contribute to build back better

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