The ADRA network is composed of supporting partner offices, implementing partner offices, regional offices and the ADRA international office. ADRA is affiliated with more than 550 Adventist hospitals and clinics around the globe and 1,500 accredited Adventist educational institutions of all levels.

Each ADRA office operates independently however, follow a uniform method for planning, approval and implementation of projects. ADRA International based in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, is the central office of the ADRA Network and provides management and technical support throughout the network whilst, the regional offices administer supporting partner/implementing offices in their respective regions. Supporting partner offices mobilize program resources and manage projects in implementing offices through mentoring and monitoring. Implementation and day to day operational management of programs are the responsibility of the implementing partner offices.

ADRA is a professional, learning, and efficient network that embodies integrity and transparency. It reaches across the boundaries to achieve measurable, documented, and durable changes in lives and society.

ADRA Nepal Country Program has been receiving supports from ADRA International and following supporting country offices of ADRA.

ADRA Norway

ADRA Czech

ADRA Australia

ADRA Germany

ADRA Austria

ADRA Japan

ADRA Korea


ADRA Canada

ADRA Switzerland